Was unsere Kunden sagen

  • “Alexandra is a great professional – very diligent and adherent to the instructions and deadlines. It is an utter pleasure to work with her! We started our collaboration back in January 2011 and are in touch since then. Alexandra is willing to go an extra mile to deliver the translation of the highest quality on time. She is very helpful and willing to contribute to the highest extent of her abilities, very reliable and devoted. I would happily recommend Alexandra for language services!”
    Service Category: Language Services
    Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    Codex Global, 03/12/2013
  • “Alexandra has been a real asset to our company, her work is flawless. Her translations are fluid, meticulously revised and clear. On top of this she delivers her work on time and is always there to answer any queries with a smile – in short, she is a real pleasure to work with.”

    Director, Multilingual Resources Group, 29/11/2013
  • “Very reliable and accurate”

    European vox, Inc, 03/07/2013

Um ein Übersetzungsbeispiel anzusehen, schauen Sie sich das Master of Arts – Projekt an, in dem Auszüge aus dem Bericht “A special report on the future of finance” (ca. 8000 Wörter) übersetzt wurden. Dieser wurde am 24. Januar 2009 in The Economist für akademische Zwecke zusammen mit detaillierten Anmerkungen und einem Vorwort (nur auf Französisch erhältlich) veröffentlicht und mit Auszeichnung bewertet.